Imagine for a moment that it’s the dead of winter. There is a foot of snow on the ground from a storm the day before. Children are getting ready to head to pre-school in the cold snowy conditions but don’t have a warm, dry pair of socks to put on. So they slip their tiny bare feet into a pair of rubber snow boots, if they’re lucky that is, some are simply throwing on a pair of sneakers and hoping for the best. As they make their way to school their feet are cold, wet and very uncomfortable. This is the way all to many children are starting their school days which makes it difficult for them to focus, stay healthy and get the most out of their school experience. Help Northwest Community Action Partnership ensure that all Head Start and Early Head Start children have a warm pair of socks for those cold wet days by donating new warm socks for infants and preschoolers. These socks will find their way to kids in need and you will warm their little hearts by warming their little feet.

Drop off locations in Alliance are: Redman’s, Bomgaars and Korner Grill. Sock it to Poverty runs through Oct. 31. For more information, please contact Diane at 308-432-3393. A little generosity makes a BIG difference.

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