If you’ve ever given a donation to the APS Foundation, you may have wondered how these funds are dispersed. Well, in addition to providing many scholarship opportunities for graduating Seniors, these funds are also used to provide many other wonderful things for students in our community.

Othello - an exciting tragedy of deception, jealousy, evil, and revenge - will be performed in our PAC by the Nebraska Shakespeare Company on Thursday, October 10, 2019. The play will begin at 9:00 am.

All APS students in Grades 7-12 will be able to experience this professional Shakespeare play, which has been made possible with funding from the APS Foundation through an Excellence in Education Grant. The grant’s intent, which was written by English 9 teacher Mary Theresa Green, is to expose our students to a live Shakespeare performance so that they will make personal and real-world connections when reading Shakespearean literature and plays in the English classroom.

The part of Othello is traditionally cast as a black man, but according to the Study Guide sent to the high school and middle school teachers, this production is challenging expectations by casting a woman of color in the role of Othello and asking the question: does the play change with this casting choice, and, if so, how?

The 60-minute performance will be followed by an extended post-show discussion with the audience. Students are welcome to ask any questions they have about the show including acting, set design, life on tour, the theatre profession, education, or questions about the script or the scenes.

A big “Thank You!” to the APS Foundation members for making this enriching experience possible for our students!

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