School Board Approves $42,000 per Year for SRO

After reviewing the contract and discussing the benefits of having a school resource officer, the Alliance School Board agreed to approve funding for the SRO, with the district agreeing to pay $42,000 per year.

Superintendent Dr. Troy Unzicker said that for the past four years, a grant has helped to cover some of the cost of the position. However, he noted that with the grant expiring, it would be up to the district to pay for the position.

“Administratively, we support the program,” said Unzicker. “We’ve had great success with it. It’s been very convenient for us, as well as giving us insight where we need it. Unfortunately, the grants go away, so it’s up to us and the city of Alliance to fund this position.”

The contract, which is an interlocal agreement with the city, in which the district will pay $42,000 per year, to be invoiced quarterly. Unzicker noted that amount equates to 60 percent of the total wage. The SRO will be available to the school for nine months out of the year.

“I think this is a good position for us,” Unzicker said. “The City of Alliance Police Department actually handles the pay, so it’s not on our payroll.”

The board voted unanimously voted to approve the agreement.