Secretary of State Bob Evnen has set the slate of presidential candidates who will appear on the ballot for the Nebraska May 12th primary.

The candidates, listed in alphabetical order, are:

Republican Party: Donald J. Trump, Bill Weld

Democratic Party: Joseph R. Biden, Michael R. Bloomberg, Pete Buttigieg, Tulsi Gabbard, Amy Klobuchar, Bernie Sanders, Tom Steyer, Elizabeth Warren.

Libertarian Party: Max Abramson, Daniel Behrman, Lincoln Chafee, Jacob Hornberger, Jo Jorgensen, Adam Kokesh.

Nebraska law provides that the Secretary of State place candidates on the primary ballot who have been reported by the national news media as presidential candidates.

The office of Secretary of State conducted a review to determine the presidential primary list for the State of Nebraska. “In compliance with state law, my decision is not based on winners and losers, rather, which candidates are recognized nationally as active presidential candidates,” Evnen said. Secretary Evnen also noted that his office has conferred with the Nebraska Republican, Democratic and Libertarian parties about the candidates.

The candidates have until March 10, 2020 to file an affidavit with the Secretary of State to remove their name from ballot if they wish to do so. March 12, 2020 is the last day for partisan presidential candidates who are not listed to file for the primary via petition. By the statutory deadline of March 20, 2020, the Secretary of State will certify the statewide ballot.

In the race for Senator, there are a number of candidates who are running. Below, they are listed in alphabetical order:

Republican Party: Matt Innis and Ben Sasse, incumbent.

Democratic Party: Chris Janicek, Dennis Frank Macek, Larry Marvin, Angie Philips, Alisha Shelton, Andy Stock and Daniel Wik.

The race to represent the Third Congressional District is heating up with a number of candidates. They are listed as follows:

Republican Party: Larry Lee Scott Bolinger, William Elfgren, Arron Kowalski, Justin Moran and Adrian Smith, incumbent.

Democratic Party: Mark Elworth, Jr.

Libertarian Party: Dustin C. Hobbs.

In the race for Legislative District 43, two candidates have filed for the Republican nomination: Tom Brewer, incumbent, and Tanya Storer. In Legislative District 47, incumbent Steve Erdman is the only candidate to file.

The race to serve in Box Butte County has seen a number of new candidates as well.

Incumbent County Commissioner Doug Hashman filed for re-election as a Republican candidate. Stephen Michael Burke also filed for election as a Republican candidate.

For the Alliance School Board, incumbents Shana Brown, Timothy Richey and Karen Trussell filed for re-election. Non-incumbents David Rischling, Jake Sylvester and Wesley A. Whitwer have also filed for the election.

In the race for the Alliance City Council, incumbent Brian Mischnick and incumbent Ryan Reynolds filed for re-election, while non-incumbents, Mara Andersen, Gary Goodell, John S. McGhehey and Travis Turman filed for election.

In the race for the Hemingford School Board, incumbents Brett T. Cullan, Rick Horstman and Tricia Schumacher filed for re-election.

These are the latest filings as of press time.

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