At a concept meeting on Thursday evening at the Knight Museum and Sandhills Center, Baker and Associates unveiled the design for the future of the Pillars in the Park.

Tami Swearingen, Pillars for the Park Board President, said she is excited about the design. She believes it helps to further the vision of the group’s efforts.

This is the concept closest to what we want, it will have more pillars added, and a few things different, but this is the basic design,” said Swearingen. “The red areas in the middle are colored cement, with the half circle being a small ‘stage’ area, so weddings and events will be able to take place down in the garden.

The dark trim around some flower beds is because those will be raised, and you could sit on them. Where the little steps were on the end, they are gone, it will be handicap accessible then. The cages also will be saved with the wall we are talking about possibly putting the name of the pillar donors and plaques and putting them inside of those.They are going to be able to save the retaining walls, and the paths will be stamped cement, so as to look like the original plan. When we make this last 105k, it is entirely feasible this can be completed next summer. I’m very excited, it is so beautiful and we haven’t even talked flowers yet!”

Swearingen noted that there has been a large amount of support from both within the community and from outside of Alliance. She believes that effort has been crucial in helping the Pillars for the Park project come to fruition.

As you all can see, our work, donations and love are beginning to move the mountains. All we need now is to raise that last 105k. If you have been thinking about sending a donation, or your class has, or your family has, please do it now. Once we hit that last 105k, our part is finished and they can begin. We so appreciate those that have already donated. What a wonderful gift we have all given to our hometown. Thank you all so very much.”

Donations can be sent to Tami Swearingen at 1243 Grand Ave, Alliance, NE 69301 Please make checks payable to APF/ Pillars for the Park.

Efforts to restore the sunken gardens began in June of 2017. There are several fundraising events that have taken place this year, including a Paint and Sip at the Alliance Eagles Club #136 and a County Carnival hosted at the Wells Ranch.

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