On the Red Carpet

RSVP Volunteers Recognized for Service to Community


News Director

On Saturday, local celebrities—members of Box Butte County RSVP—were recognized for their hours of service to the community during a banquet on Saturday evening, which had a Hollywood theme.

RSVP Director Angie Flesner said RSVP volunteers have logged numerous hours of community service within the past year, volunteering for projects such as the Community Table, Meals on Wheels, and even sewing baby blankets to donate for newborns. She believes the event was a success.

“In the past year, volunteers have reported 12,422 hours, and I do know that is not all the hours the volunteers have put in because some of them have not reported their hours,” said Flesner. “I know there is a lot more than that out there.”

People 55 and older are welcome to volunteer for RSVP, Flesner explained. She said anyone who is interested in becoming a volunteer can contact her at the Alliance Senior Center.

“When they come, they can tell us some of the things they are interested in that they want to volunteer for, so when the opportunity arises, we can let them know,” said Flesner.

Flesner explained that the volunteers work hard to help the community flourish. She believes volunteering is important for people of all ages.

“We give a lot back to the community, and there are some things within the community that may not be as successful without volunteers,” Flesner said. “We really appreciate our volunteers and all they do for the community and their neighbors. Volunteers also see some benefits, such as socialization. It’s just very important. It lets people know that they are important.”

Flesner shared her gratitude for the RSVP volunteers and for the people who helped make the event possible. She also recognized Shana Brown for her support of the RSVP program.

Those recognized for five years of service include: Casper Brixius, Darla Hart, Suzi Lore, Dorothy Lunbery, Kathleen Merrill, Betty Mock, Ila Taylor and Sheryl Taylor. Those recognized for 10 years of service include: Connie Ackerman, Donna Best, Gretchen Bolinger, Beth Bourn, Jim Bourn, Madelyn Boyer, Linda Ferguson, Judie Fistler, Norma Green, Sally Hansen, Patty Heitz, Joyce Hulquist, Karen Kelly, Barbara Kendle, Marilyn Lore, Dixie Nelson, Lue Nerland, Shelia Schmeits, Terry Sheesley, Doug Thomas, Linda Tucker and Cindy Zurn.

Those recognized for 15 years of service include: Maxine Anderson, Virginia Dennison, Colleen Ellis, Diana Foland, Richard Foland, Sharon Griffith, Johanna Hall, Donna Kutschke, Jerri Nyffler, Jerry Reynolds, Dwayne Rose, Lester Schaper, Wanda Schaper, Paulla Sjostrom, Lola Walker and Michele Weinman. Those recognized for 20 years of service include: Dorothy Kirchhoff, Wallace Kirchhoff and Wilma Knaub. Those recognized for 25 years of service include: Ellen Christensen, Wilma Kriz, Wilmer Kriz and Lois Meier.