NET Records Session of ‘Friday Live’ in Alliance

Showcases Talent Throughout the Panhandle



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Taking time to visit other parts of the state, NET hit the road last week, making stops in Alliance, Chadron and other places. Gathering together a multitude of talented people throughout the Panhandle, they recorded a showing of “Friday Live” at the Knight Museum and Sandhills Center Thursday afternoon, showcasing different acts to a packed room.

Genevieve Randall, music director for NET Radio and host of ‘Friday Live’, explained that the experience on the road has been positive.

“It’s been amazing,” Randall said. “I’ve been a huge fan of Nebraska, and I like to travel the state anyway. Having a show that’s meant to celebrate all the humanities that we have in Nebraska, it’s so important for us to get out and be face to face with people. It’s just been so exciting.”

The show, which featured a variety of local talent from Lyn Messersmith’s cowboy poetry to music from Kalin Krohe, was a hit, Randall said.

“We featured visual arts with the Carnegie Arts Center, we got to feature both local and not local,” said Randall. “That was nice to feature musicians from Alliance and Scottsbluff and musicians traveling through town. We kind of ran the gamut from music to literature to visual arts. It felt really good to feature a show with that much.”

Randall explained that she was determined to host a show in Alliance after visiting the Knight Museum.

“As soon as I walked through this space, I thought, ‘I need to do a Friday Live here, this just needs to happen.’ This is such an amazing space. Our experience in Alliance has been great. Alliance is beautiful,” Randall said.