Mockerman Resigns From School Board

Board Begins Search



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After a move outside of the district made her ineligible to serve on the board, Amanda Mockerman tendered her resignation from the Alliance Public Schools Board of Education, kicking off the search for a new member.

Mockerman was not in attendance at the meeting on Monday night.

Superintendent Dr. Troy Unzicker said Mockerman asked him to share her letter of resignation with the board.

“It basically was expressing her regret,” said Unzicker. “A move had moved her out of the district, which means she’s ineligible to be on the board. My recommendation for the replacement process would be to do the same thing we did last time, where we take applications for the position.”

Unzicker said an ideal goal would be to fill the vacancy by the second school board meeting in August, if not sooner.

Board Member Karen Trussell made the motion to accept Mockerman’s resignation and to thank her for her service to the district. Board Member Edison Red Nest III seconded the motion. The board members voted unanimously to approve the motion, with the exception of Shana Brown, who was not present at the meeting.

Also during the meeting, the board reviewed policies concerning student fees and parental involvement. No changes were recommended to the policy.

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