Johnston Stepping Down From Roles in the Oldtimers Program

Johnston Stepping Down From Roles in the Oldtimers Program



Alliance Times-Herald


Trish Johnston is stepping down at the end of the season after twenty-two seasons of being a driving force in the Old Timers Baseball and Softball program. Currently she is serving as softball and tee ball commissioner, concession stand manager and Vice President of Oldtimers Baseball and Softball.


She and her husband Brian started out coaching and volunteering when their kids started playing ball. “We’ve always felt that if your kids are playing you should be involved as a parent and it progressed from there as our kids got older. They eventually aged out and we were still thinking that we weren’t ready to give it up. Our last kid played a little bit in 2012,” stated Johnston.


The softball program was started twelve years ago and has evolved into a traveling team as well as younger teams that play in Alliance at the Hall Murray Softball Complex. “Some of the many highlights of the program is watching softball program itself grow and the kids progress as players over the years, from first pitch of the season to the last game of the year in the short six week season each year is amazing,” said Johnston.


Trish is planning to mentor anyone that is willing to step up and take over her roles in the program, which include running the concession stand, overseeing the complex (which means watching out for the weather on game nights to make sure that if weather strikes that everyone is able to get out of the complex safely and in a timely manner) and making sure all of the equipment is in good shape.