2019 East Point Horspice Season



Alliance Times-Herald


The 2019 season at the East Point Horspice has begun, it will be a ten week season that will run until the end of the summer. Sessions are Thursday and Friday evenings with seven riders on Thursday’s and six on Friday’s. Ideally they would like to have three volunteers per rider, one to lead and one on on each side of the horse. The riders show up and start cleaning feet, and then get the horses tied and tacked up. The goal is to get the riders more involved than just to show up to ride.


The kids kinda have their own horses, the ones that have been here several years have been riding the same ones. Our goal is to build their relationships with the horses, and get them comfortable with each other, and increase their comfort zone”, stated Brian Stephenson.


Charlene and Brian Stephenson enjoy the privilege of running East Point Horspice at the edge of the Sandhills in Western Nebraska.

“What began as a hobby has flourished into a passion, some might say an obsession. From the early days of taking on rescue horses to give them a second chance, and a new lease on life, we have gained a front row seat in the incredible show that is therapeutic riding”, states their website.