Dave’s Pharmacy in Hemingford celebrated five years in business on Friday, June 28, 2019 with an open house and on Tuesday July 2, 2019 the Alliance location celebrated one year in business. Dave and the staff would like to thank all of their patrons for their continued support.

When asked about how this last year has gone this last year in Alliance, Dave replied, “It’s been crazy but a lot of fun. If anyone had told me five years ago that this is where we would be today I wouldn’t have believed it for a minute. We have been very blessed. It’s gone really well. I’m excited for what we’ve done and for what lies in the future.”

“We were counting the amount of re-modelings we have done in Hemingford, and I said well yeah we have done two, and Blanche and Mikayla said, no we have done four, oh yeah. We’ve just grown so much and it’s been so fun to see, nice to see, and it still nice to have Doug come in to help out. It’s been exciting, and now that Mikayla and Jason are working for us, it’s been nice to have them around. They’ve some changes, with the‘Ideal Protein’ weight management clinic, and Mikayla has done some great things out over the front and brought some new products for both communities to have. That’s been really nice,” said Dave.

Looking forward to the future Dave and staff have some fantastic plans for both pharmacy locations.

“We’re heading to convention at the end of the month to bring in some new products that are out now. And are looking forward to doing some things with diseases as far as diabetes and blood pressure and things like that, that will hopefully benefit the communities and their health,” stated Dave.