Carrillo Crowned Fair Queen

By Alliance Times-Herald


The annual Box Butte County Fair Queen Contest was held Wednesday evening. Instead of being heldat the grandstands at the fairgrounds, it was moved to the Hemingford High School gymnasium due to a thunderstorm. The decision to move the event was made by the fair board at 7:45 p.m. that evening with the event scheduled to begin at 8 p.m. Even with the storm delay the contest began at 8:31 p.m., this only the second time in fair history that the event had been moved.

Aside from contestant Shanna Jo Weaver not being able to ride her horse with her what makes you unique talent/hobby, the contest went off without at hitch even with the change of venue with the help of volunteers to get everything into place.

Kevin Horn and Amy McFarland were the emcees for the evening. Horn gave a beautiful tribute to Lyle Fodnes, who passed away earlier this year, who was best known as Mr. Hemingford. McFarland is the oldest daughter of Box Butte County Fair Queen Contest, Barbie Applegarth.

Samantha Carrillo of Alliance was crowned the 2019 Box Butte County Fair Queen, Jacobi Stumpff first attendant, Keressa Ojeda of Alliance second attendant, and Ellicia Wear miss congeniality.

All of the contestants had a fantastic presence on stage, by changing the talent portion of the contest to what makes you unique, it opened the contest up to a wider range of girls as in past years some have struggled with what to come up with for a talent. One of the most unique talents/hobbies that was portrayed this year was that of miss congeniality Ellicia Weare, who did a mashed potato eating contest with the help of volunteer Owen Plog.

Barbie Applegarth, 1982 Fair Queen has assisted with the contest for several years, but this year stepped into the role of contest director. “It makes me proud of what our community has to offer from our young people. Our young people are amazing people and I think the contest showcased how awesome and respectful they are. They are a kind generation who is really community oriented to give back to the community, and it makes my heart proud. It was also fun to work with my two daughters on the contest, Amy and Ellie. Their personalities are so different, Amy is kind of the take charge one and she wanted to emcee and Ellie is the people person who enjoyed working with the girls behind the scenes and took that by the reigns,” stated Applegarth. Amy was second attendant in 2005 and Ellie was second attendant in 2012.

There was an estimated 700 people packed into the gym for this years queen contest which was an amazing turn out even though it wasn’t a sunny evening at the grandstands.