Cardio Connection Celebrates Anniversary of Business, Building

Weaver: “We’re Like a Family”



News Director

Celebrating two milestones, Cardio Connection hosted a celebration on Saturday morning, featuring demonstrations, a history display and a weightlifting competition to mark the business’s six-year anniversary, and the 100th anniversary of the building in which it is housed.

Tawny Weaver, owner of Cardio Connection, said she worked together with her manager to organize the event. She believes it is an important milestone for the building to reach.

“Our building is 100 years old this year,” said Weaver. “I’ve been in business now for six years, so we decided to do a little shindig celebrating those anniversaries. We have this awesome history display put up by Geoff and Caeri Hopkins. They put a lot of work into this for us. There’s a lot of history in this building.

“It’s been interesting as far as the business goes, because originally I only wanted to have a Zumba studio,” Weaver said. “So we started with a Zumba room, and then I had another room with a couple of weight machines, and we did yoga in there. Everybody kept saying ‘well why don’t you do this?’ So, we kept adding on.”

Over the years, Weaver has facilitated the creation of a weight room, a spin room, which originally housed a hydraulic lift from when the building served as the Dobson garage, a spin room and a boot-camp room.

“It just keeps growing and changing,” said Weaver. “It’s kind of cool to see this building, which is so neat, is still going.”

Weaver said she would like to make some changes in the weight room, including installing sheet rock, and expanding it. She also is working to find grants to fund new equipment.

“I just want to keep improving it. I keep putting new things in and trying to maintain them,” said Weaver.

Community support for the gym, Weaver noted, has been overwhelming.

“They say it takes a village,” said Weaver. “I have gotten so much help. I have lots of people who help me do things for free, or for greatly reduced prices. I’ve got great people who come here. We’re like a family. I’m just grateful that the community has supported me. This is my passion business. I want other people to do it for fun. I don’t charge a whole lot, because I want people to be able to be here. It’s not for me to make a profit; it’s for you to come in and do what you need to do, regardless of where you’re at in your life.”