Beyond the Walls of BBGH: A three-part series

Part three: Jett and Charlie

By Shae Brennan

For 42 years, Box Butte General Hospital has invested time, funds, and support to the community of Alliance and the surrounding areas. Volunteering is just a portion of its commitment to lead and innovate in healthcare delivery and community wellness. Kids play an important role in the future of healthy communities.

Two Alliance Recreation Center (ARC) Youth Football participants sat down and answered some questions about the program. Here are Jett and Charlie Herian’s thoughts:

What’s your name, and how old are you?

CH: Charlie and I’m 6.

JH: Jett, I’m 11.

Was this your first year playing football?

Mom: This was his (Charlie’s) first full year.

JH: Ummm three years.

What was your favorite thing about football this year?

CH: Running away from being tackled

JH: I don’t know… it’s all fun. I like to tackle people, but I’m more of a QB.

Who was your favorite coach, and why?

CH: Jim… because he makes silly faces, like this (makes face).

JH: I like them all… probably Tim because he makes jokes.

What’s your favorite sport?

CH: Football!

JH: Basketball…

What was your least favorite thing about football this year?

CH: That it’s over.

JH: Um I liked it all…. maybe Tim yelling at me.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

CH: I don’t know… maybe a football player.

JH: A NBA player.

Who out of the kids was the funniest?

CH: Nobody… me and Bryson(*).

JH: Not really anyone, everyone’s kinda strict.

Do you have a favorite athlete/sports team?

CH: The Broncos and the Huskers.

JH: I like Jamal Murray, and I just like the Denver Nuggets basically.

Anything else?

CH: …

JH: …

Mom: Do you wanna say thanks to the coaches for coaching and volunteering?

CH: No.

JH: I do!

Mom: Charlie you couldn’t play football if you didn’t have Coach Jim, Coach Tim, and Coach Luke could ya?

CH: Yeah…

Mom: No...

CH: Yeah!


Mom: Yeah this is our “Sour Patch” kid.

(more laughter)

As this series comes to a close, think about the many ways to get involved in the community. There are a variety of opportunities. It has been a great experience following three of the many volunteers at BBGH, witnessing a partnership with the ARC in action, and observing the kids learn and have fun throughout this youth football program.

Box Butte General Hospital is an equal opportunity provider and employer.