After receiving a $2,500 prize from Boy Scouts, TJ Arends, an eight-year old, heard a calling from God to serve his community by providing meals at the Community Table.

Arends, who is a third grader at Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran School, said he was guided to help with the Community Table.

“When I won the award, I think I heard God calling me, telling me I should probably do this,” said Arends. “Like when Jesus served the people. I really like helping people. God gave us the gift of life, and I really want to help people. I really like doing this, and I really want to share with other people.”

Arends served meals at the Community Table last Thursday, working on the line with other volunteers to feed people. He encourages others to be compassionate.

“People should start caring for the poor and helping others,” said Arends. “Love one another. You should love God with all your heart, all your soul and all your mind, and love your neighbor as yourself. That doesn’t mean just your neighbor. That means everybody in the universe.”

When he grows older, Arends said he hopes to continue helping other people by leading a life of service.

“I really want to be a pastor,” Arends said. “I also want to be a scientist because I’m really interested in dangerous animals. I really want to be a fireman and a doctor too so that I can save God’s people.”

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