Alliance Community Supports Reza Family

Alliance Community Supports Reza Family

Bakesale, Matches Raise $1,521



Alliance Times-Herald


Nine days ago tragedy struck the Reza/Red Nest family when five lives were lost in an automobile accident south of Alliance. Alliance residents Amy Red Nest, and Emma and Falicia Reza were laid to rest on Friday morning surrounded by family, friends and the Alliance community. In the wake of the tragedy the community of Alliance has come together in many forms to provide support and financial assistance to Carlos Reza, and his daughters Dana and Bailey.


A bake sale was held on Wednesday, August 14, by Trinity Jewett, and Bailey and Caelen McCracken in support of the Reza family, and they raised more money than they could have even imagined.


Bailey and Caelen’s mother, Kelly Steinman stated, “All afternoon I have been trying to find the right words to express what I have experienced the past 36 hours. When I announced yesterday that the kids decided to do a bake sale and lemonade stand as their way to offer support to Carlos Reza and family I really didn't expect what followed. My phone automatically started going off and we had people offering to bake, donate supplies, and whatever else they could do to help. I got a hand full of orders via messenger and so the kids and I jumped back in the kitchen and worked hard until almost eleven. We were back up at 6 a.m. baking some more and running errands to get ready. When I got back home we were rushing to cut, wrap, and label all of our food donations when an amazing woman showed up to drop off a donation and she jumped right in and went to work. No words needed. She has been there and she knew what it would take to get ready in time. As a family we proceeded to set up shop in the driveway and the people started lining up. In my head all I could think is ‘if you build it they will come’. Within the first hour and a half we pretty much sold out and then out of no where random people started showing up with bags of baked goods to donate, so we continued on. We sold out not once but twice.”


I was reminded of so many things today. I am truly blessed with the most amazing children and fiance who never once complained but instead poured themselves into everything we did. I am so lucky to live in a community that rallies around those that need it and I wouldn't want to raise my kids anywhere else. Last but not least there are a lot of good people left in this world and too often we focus on the negative and fail to see all of the good.”

Jess Jewett, Steinman’s fiance, offered to match what the kids raised up to $100. Seven other people also agreed to match their profits. The kids raised $721, and matched donations totaled $800 making the grand total raised $1,521.

I am very grateful for every single person who offered to help, for those that donated supplies, those that baked, those that donated money, and those who will continue to support the Red Nest and Reza families in the months and years to come. I challenge you to take this time to reflect on the good things and people in our little town and do what you can to make a difference and brighten the day of someone else. Pay it forward. Most of all hug your family and love them like crazy because tomorrow is not promised to anyone,” said Steinman.

On Sunday evening the Alliance First National Spartans hosted their fan appreciation night, and all of their barbecue proceeds were donated to the Reza family memorial account at Consumers Cooperative Federal Credit Union as well as the proceeds from the dinner served by the Spartans at last nights annual Alliance Bulldogs Softball scrimmage.

Nothing could have predicted the amount of support the Alliance community has shown, countless local businesses and families are hosting ongoing raffles and collecting donations. Carlos and the entire Reza/Red Nest family are faced with coping with this terrible loss and are thankful to the community of Alliance for their continued support.

Carlos’ sister Lucy Reza stated, "A week ago today our family suffered the most tragic loss imaginable. We couldn’t have gotten through it without family and friends. Even more so our community. Thank you to the people of Alliance you all have been nothing but supportive and amazing! The amount of love my brother and nieces were given is so heart warming. We are truly blessed to call Alliance home. Thank you to everyone who took food, beverages, and other household goods to Carlos’s home. Thank you to Kelsey Truman and Ashley Mack for starting the meal train as well all the people who signed up to make dinner for Carlos and his girls. Thank you to the ones who took the time and effort to make their own items such as the Rezastrong beaded bracelets, the silicone bracelets, key chains, the bake sale, makeup raffle, James Lewis for the haircuts, Cassie for the scentsy raffle, Ruben Garcia’s raffle, and Rashl’s bling. Thank you to all the business for your outgoing support such as Korner Grill, Williams Jewelry, Daylight Donuts, Taco Johns, Alliance Times-Herald, Team Auto, Posh, The Eagles, Cover Jones, Scooters, Pepsi, Viaero, Oglala Sioux Lakota nursing home, and Bates-Gould Funeral home. Thank you to Papas for the pizza that was brought over for lunch, Snolicious Tropical Sno for allowing our family delicious snow cones. Thank you to The Steel Grill Bar 64 for catering the lunch after the funeral services at the park. Thank you to Alliance Spartans, Aftershock, and Tremors. Thank you to America Family Insurance, Cardio Connection, and Western Heritage Federal Credit Union for the donation boxes. And a huge thank you to each and every single person who took their donations to Consumers Cooperative. Thank you to Colette Johnson and Jessica & Becki Heusman for setting up the donation account. As well as everyone who took their personal donations to Carlos themselves. Thank you to Lonnie Little Hoop and family for your beautiful Traditional Lakota service. Thank you to Thunder Lake singers for the traditional prayer songs. Thank you Reverend Don Mink and Linda Abold for blessing us with your word of God. Thank you to Rolando Acosta for the support you gave to Carlos during his hardship. With all your love and support we were able to give Amy, Emma and Falicia the service they deserved! Your act of kindness will never go unnoticed. Alliance is truly the best hometown in America!! Thank you all again over and over so so much!!

- The Reza Family ♥️

- P.s. if I had missed anyone I’m Tremendously sorry!"