Panhandle Public Health District is pleased to announce that the Living Well with Diabetes program has been featured by the American Diabetes Association (ADA) in its Diabetes Support Directory. Part of the ADA’s Diabetes Support Initiative, the Directory is a free online tool to help connect communities to a qualified, ADA-approved diabetes support program.

There are 30 million Americans living with diabetes, and an additional 84 million with prediabetes. Diabetes support programs provide ongoing support to people with diabetes to maintain and expand upon the skill, knowledge and lifestyle changes gained from recognized Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support (DSMES) services.

The ADA’s Diabetes Support Initiative assures that diabetes support program curriculums meet the ADA’s criteria for support programming, aligns with the Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes and demonstrates significant positive health outcomes.

“Today, more than 30 million Americans, including many here in the Nebraska Panhandle, are living with diabetes,” said Cheri Farris, Health Educator. Panhandle Public Health District is committed to providing high-quality support programming and resources to help all those living with diabetes not just live but thrive. We are thrilled to announce recognition of Living Well with Diabetes by the ADA and look forward to continuing to meet people with diabetes in their community.”

Living Well with Diabetes is an interactive 6-week workshop that meets for 2- 2.5 hours each of the 6 weeks. Participants learn how to better manage symptoms, medications, and other challenges that come with diabetes. Participants also learn how to get support, communication skills, and much more.

Panhandle Public Health District is working to bring a Living Well with Diabetes workshop to your community. Please connect with Cheri to express interest in an upcoming class.

For more information or to get involved, contact Cheri Farris at 308-220-8020 or

To access the ADA’s Diabetes Support Directory, visit

About the Panhandle Public Health District

Panhandle Public Health District is working together to improve the health, safety, and quality of life for all who live, work, learn, and play in the Panhandle. Our vision is that we are a healthier and safer Panhandle Community.

About the American Diabetes Association

Every day more than 4,000 people are newly diagnosed with diabetes in America. Nearly 115 million Americans have diabetes or prediabetes and are striving to manage their lives while living with the disease. The American Diabetes Association (ADA) is the nation’s leading voluntary health organization fighting to bend the curve on the diabetes epidemic and help people living with diabetes thrive. For nearly 80 years the ADA has been driving discovery and research to treat, manage and prevent diabetes, while working relentlessly for a cure. We help people with diabetes thrive by fighting for their rights and developing programs, advocacy and education designed to improve their quality of life. Diabetes has brought us together. What we do next will make us Connected for Life. To learn more or to get involved, visit us at or call 1-800-DIABETES (1-800-342-2383). Join the fight with us on Facebook (American Diabetes Association), Twitter (@AmDiabetesAssn) and Instagram (@AmDiabetesAssn).

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