Leadership Group Formed At Grandview


Alliance Times-Herald

A leadership group was recently formed at Grandview Elementary. Leanna Johnson, leadership sponsor, and fourth grade teacher, stated, “ I feel that it's important to have leadership skills and so at the beginning of the year I mentioned wanting to start a student council.” Speech teacher Amy Kulas is also helping with group.

The students have been reading about government in their new reading books, which sparked some of the kids to really take an interest in it.  They went to Mr Butcher, principal at Grandview, to set up a meeting to get his opinion on starting a student council, and then it was presented to the staff.

“My goal is to build a student council but also really more of a community within our school building, so we can we can get out to help our bigger community outside too.” said Johnson. They have talked already talked about doing some community service projects in the future. The students want to promote school pride and that's kind of where they started, with the pep rally to kick off test week. The hope is to organize more assemblies and make school more fun, and also start a big brother/big sister program within the school so that the third graders have someone to look up to, by having a fifth grader as their mentor.

The current group will be fifth graders next year and will have to apply to be on the student council next year, so that they can learn how the campaign process works and hold an election will be within the school. Students will all get a vote to determine which students will help lead their school.

Student, Pearl Mayhew commented, “It will give the kids more of a voice, in decisions that the school makes.” Student, Tiersa Johnson commented, “ It would let the kids do something that isn’t just busy stuff, sometimes it gets hard, I feel like their minds get full of information and doing something fun will help them.”