Stuck in the Snow

Alliance braced for a winter storm over the weekend with the National Weather Service warning still set to take effect as late as 11 p.m. Friday. Instead a couple inches fell leaving highways with seasonal conditions and autumn leafs reminding everyone winter is yet to come.

Alliance is seeing its first significant snow accumulation this weekend during a Winter Storm Warning. City of Alliance Water/Sewer/Street Superintendent Ross Grant reminds resients that the City’s snow removal policy (below) is subject to change based on weather, wind and other factors. For example a snow emergency may be declared at three inches of accumulation if necessary to fit extenuating circumstances.

It is the intention of the City of Alliance to clear the roadways of snow to allow traffic to flow at a reasonable rate after a snowfall. In the interest of providing consistent and reliable service to the citizens of Alliance, the following guidelines will be used for snow removal.

The time at which employees begin snow removal will vary depending on the weather conditions or type of snowfall event. A heavy wet snow or a light fluffy snow as well as the expected ambient temperature will help determine the type of response implemented. Once the majority of the snowfall has ceased or the forecast predicts it will stop, removal will begin. During an ongoing snowfall, attempts will be made to continuously keep Emergency Snow Routes open.

Secondary streets not listed on the Emergency Snow Route will not be cleared unless there are unusual circumstances or until the Emergency Snow Routes no longer need attention.

During any snowfall event, the Street Department will generally follow the procedures listed below to remove snow/ice from City streets. These are guidelines and may be changed to adapt to specific circumstances or weather conditions.

.5 inches to 3 inches

• Emergency Snow Routes will be salted/sanded.

• Intersections near schools, hospital, hills, overpasses, Emergency Snow Routes or other identified high priority areas will be cleared, salted and or sanded.

• Consideration is always made to sand all intersections if heavy and prolonged snowfall occurs.

3 inches to 6 inches

• Beginning with Emergency Snow Routes, all streets will be plowed and sanded/salted as needed.

6 inches or more

• Snow Emergency will be declared.

• Beginning with Emergency Snow Routes, all streets will be plowed and sanded/salted as needed.

• Plows will pass down the driving lanes of residential streets to clear a pathway for through traffic. Snow removal equipment will not weave around parked vehicles nor will they fill gutters with snow that will stop water flow upon melt if possible. Residential side streets may require plowing in certain other conditions which are mostly affected by wind speed and direction.

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