Johnson Takes Plea Agreement, Covering Three Cases


Appearing before District Court Judge Travis O’Gorman, Eric Johnson pleaded no contest to a variety of charges spanning three separate cases.

In one case in District Court, Johnson was initially charged with possession of a firearm by a prohibited person, a class 1D felony, and disturbing the peace, a class 3 misdemeanor.

The case comes as the result of an incident on July 27, 2018 at 9:15 p.m.,when officers were dispatched to the D-Row of Meadows Trailer Court due to a report of gunshots being heard.

According to the Affidavit for Custody, when officers arrived, they spoke with an individual, who stated the shot may have been fired by Eric Johnson. The officers made contact with another individual who reported an argument between her and Johnson. She advised that Johnson shot a .410 shotgun in the trailer court.

While interviewing the individual, a vehicle was spotted in the trailer court, being driven by Johnson. Officers stopped the vehicle and detained Johnson. He allegedly gave the officers permission to search the vehicle.

During the search, officers located, “the stock of a purple single shot Coast to Coast Model 946” shotgun under the front passenger’s seat. The trigger and hammer, officers observed, were attached to the stock. The fore end of the shotgun was found on the floorboard on the passenger’s side of the vehicle. Officers were unable to locate the barrel of the gun.

The search also yielded a bag with three loaded .410 shells and one loaded .44 magnum bullet. Officers located another .44 magnum bullet in Johnson’s pocket.

Johnson allegedly denied firing the shotgun in the trailer court and reported that he was convicted of a felony in the past.

In District Court, as part of the plea agreement, Johnson pleaded no contest to a reduced charge of possession of a deadly weapon by a prohibited person, a class 3 felony, which carries the maximum penalty of up to four years in prison.

In another case before Judge O’Gorman, Johnson was charged with violating his probation in a prior felony assault case from 2016.

According to court records, in that case, Johnson was found guilty of using a taser stun gun to assault a victim. He was sentenced to 18 months probation on the amended charge of attempted second degree assault, a class 3A felony.

Johnson admitted to violating his probation, and is subject to a maximum penalty of up to three years in prison.

In the final case, which was dropped as a result of the plea agreement, Johnson was charged with possession of a controlled substance, a class 4 felony, and possession of drug paraphernalia, an infraction.

The charge was the result of an incident on Jan. 13 at 3:50 p.m., according to the Affidavit for Custody.

A trooper with the Nebraska State Patrol was traveling east on Third Street when he observed an individual standing in the parking lot of Dollar General.

The trooper approached the individual and identified him as Eric Johnson after asking for his driver’s license. The trooper asked for consent to perform a pat down search ofJohnson, to which he allegedly agreed. During the search, the trooper felt “a hard tube like item with a bulb on one end in Johnson’s front left shirt pocket.” The troope r asked him to remove the object, which was a clear glass pipe with a burnt residue that “resembled methamphetamine.”

Johnson was placed under arrest and the residue in the pipe field-tested positive for methamphetamine.

Judge O’Gorman ordered a pre-sentence report to be compiled and set sentencing in April.

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