ALLIANCE — Founded in 2005, Ideal Comics is an independent comic book publishing company in Scottsbluff that strives to write and create quality stories suitable for all ages. The Ideal Comics team came to visit Alliance through a small meet and greet at Minion Games and proved there is much to introduce.

Their publishing business all began with the partnership between two writers, Matthew Reese and Christopher Lawton.

Reese stated, "We have always loved comics. We wrote stories together individually and decided to do self-publishing. We got together with some different artist to work on stuff."

Their art of storytelling all began with a passion for comics but not before a few roadblocks. "After spending a couple of years basically collecting rejection letters, it was one of those things where we decided to just try our hand at doing it ourselves,” Reese commented, “We got stories to tell and we can contribute to them. It was one of those things where it didn't let it discourage us from doing what we love."

Comic books, coloring pages, and merchandise lined the table at Minion Games and after more than 10 years, there were many stories to tell about each comic. Reese flipped through each comic book, proudly stating each writer and illustrator as well as the story behind each story and/or character.

Reese stated that the comics are age friendly for some while others are for older audiences. All the stories that are created by the Ideal Comics team are set in a superhero universe. Whether action, tragedy, or horror, all are in the same context and same universe.

As far as the creative process, Reese added, "I started reading comics when I was probably 11 and I became fascinated by them. As far as learning them, a story is a story. You practice writing scripts and stories. We practice."

For information or a list of all the comics and web comics, visit On the website there are links to other stories and comics written by the team. If you have any questions, feel free to visit the Ideal Comics Facebook Page. 

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