Council Declares March 10 -17 Girl Scout Week

Council Declares March 10-17 Girl Scout Week


It was a night with sweet treats and civic engagement as the Alliance City Council declared the week of March 10 through March 17 as Girl Scout Week.

Council Member Annora Bentley presented the proclamation to a group of scouts of all ages who gathered at the meeting on Tuesday evening.

“Whereas through its distinguished history, girl scouting has inspired millions of girls and women with courage, confidence and character to make the world a better place; and whereas, through girl scout leadership experience, girls develop skills and lessons that will serve them throughout their life so that they may contribute to our communities; and whereas girl scouting takes an active role in increasing awareness of girls for the opportunities in math, science, sports, technology and many fields of interest that can expand their horizons, (...) now therefore, on behalf of the members of the City Council of the

City of Alliance, Nebraska, we do hereby applaud the commitment Girl Scouts has made to America’s girls and proudly proclaim the week of March 10-17, 2019 as Girl Scout Week, and hereby applaud the commitment Girl Scouting has made to support the leadership development of America’s girls,”Bentley said.

After the scouts received applause from those in attendance at the meeting, Bentley noted that the Girl Scouts have taken an active role in their city, spending time volunteering and helping Alliance to become an even better community.

“The girls actually came and interviewed the mayor and myself and found out a little bit about government because they’re working on a government badge,” Bentley said. “We were very appreciative of them coming. One of their questions was how could they be better citizens in our community. I told them that, just the things that I know of that they have done, exhibit the fact that they already do that.”

Bentley said the Girl Scouts have volunteered time at the Senior Center, organized a supply drive for the animal shelter and even conducted an energy audit for the city of Alliance.

“They wrote a letter to the mayor last year and had several suggestions of things they noticed that we should be doing to our building,” said Bentley. “I think it’s really commendable that they even know what they’re looking at and took the time to write a letter. Mike (Dafney, Alliance Mayor) told them earlier that staff is looking at what we can budget to be done, and that’s thanks to their efforts, and I

think that’s really impressive.”

Council Member Brian Mischnick presented the scouts with special City of Alliance pins that they can wear. The scouts presented the council members with a special box of cookies called “Thanks a Lots.”

The Scouts told the council they were still working to wrap up cookie sales, with the deadline being extended due to the weather.