Doors open to guests visiting Alliance since Oct. 30, the Holiday Inn Express hosted an open house yesterday afternoon. More than 50 people filled the lobby enjoying conversation, a hospitality room and tours. Co-owners of the hotel G Kalabhai and Mike Works were in attendance with Works greeting guests, acknowledging those who planned and worked on the project, community support and the roles of former Mayor Ralph Yeager, BBDC Director Chelsie Herian, and City Manager Rick Kuckkahn in the process. He listed about a half-dozen investors including WESTCO CEO David Briggs and local businessman Mike Essay, who was among the visitors with wife Donna.

Newly elected Mayor Mike Dafney greeted Works and spoke briefly, commenting, "We are tickled to death you're here," adding the community needed it. "We hope you have a lot of success."

The Chamber of Commerce ribbon cutting, shortly thereafter, officially welcomed the business.

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