City Welcomes Yocum to the Force

Recognizes Public Servants



News Director


Alliance Chief of Police John Kiss introduced Stefan Yocum, the newest member of the force to the Alliance City Council members on Tuesday, pinning Yocum with his badge and reciting his experience.

Yocum began working on April 29, Kiss explained, and hails from Colorado Springs. Yocum graduated from Colorado State University.

“Stefan and his mother moved here to Alliance in July of 2017 (…) where he was employed originally with health and human services as a child and family service specialist,” Kiss said. “Stefan has worked very hard to get this opportunity to work as a police officer and to serve our community.”

Following Yocum’s introduction, council members recognized those who serve the community, proclaiming the week of May 5-11 as Public Service Week. Council Member Earl Jones read the proclamation to those gathered.

“These unsung heroes do the work that keeps our nation and community functioning,” said Jones. “At all levels of government are public servants who put our country and our people first. (…) The women and men who work for our government tackle some of the most important challenges facing our community, country and global community.

“These public servants, at every level, provide continuity that would be impossible without them in a democracy, and ensure that the quality of life in America and the city of Alliance is the best it can be. These public employees are the ones who, with the support of every neighbor, work every day to promote our community vision, ‘Building the Best Hometown in America’.”