ALLIANCE — Winter is an unpredictable experience in the city of Alliance. Snow and ice can be challenging for both residents and City street crews to control. When a snow emergency is declared by the City, residents living on an Emergency Snow Route are required to remove their vehicles from the street. Emergency snow routes are priority routes which provide access to schools, main arterial streets and give emergency personnel clear access.

The City will issue an Impending Weather Warning/Advisory through local media sources and a CodeRed alert notification in advance of the declaration of a snow emergency to provide ample time to move vehicles from the street. Sign up for CodeRed is available on the City webpage at

If you do not have adequate space in your personal driveway, please move your vehicle to a side street while the emergency snow route is being plowed. Vehicles not moved from the emergency snow route after the snow emergency has been declared, will be ticketed and are subject to being towed at the owner’s expense.

Designated snow routes included in the Municipal Code are as follows:

•Sec. 26-93. — Establishment of snow emergency routes.

The following streets are declared to be snow emergency routes within the city.

  1. U.S. Highway Nos. 385 and 2 within the corporate limits;
  2. Cody Avenue from Third Street to Kansas Street;
  3. Emerson Avenue from the northern corporate limits to Third Street;
  4. Box Butte Avenue from 25th Street to First Street;
  5. Mississippi Avenue from Tenth Street to Third Street;
  6. Potash Avenue from Third Street to Kansas Street;
  7. Third Street from Flack Avenue east to the corporate limits;
  8. All of Tenth Street included within the corporate limits;
  9. Sixteenth Street from Buchfinck Avenue to Box Butte Avenue;
  10. Twenty-fifth Street from Emerson Avenue to Sweetwater Avenue;
  11. Kansas Street from Highway 2 to Highway 385;
  12. Buchfinck Avenue from 10th Street to 16th Street;
  13. Black Hills Avenue from Third Street to 10th Street.
  14. Sixth Street from Mississippi Avenue to Grand Avenue;
  15. Grand Avenue from Sixth Street to Seventh Street;
  16. Seventh Street from Grand Avenue to Mississippi Avenue.

The Street Department will follow the following snow removal procedure:

.5 inches to 3 inches

Major streets and major intersections will be treated

Major intersections include but are not limited to the following:

Snow route intersections that intersect with other snow routes.

Intersections around all schools, hospital, hills and overpasses.

Consideration is always made to sand all intersections if heavy and prolonged snowfall occurs.

3 inches to 6 inches

With consensus of the city manager and street superintendent, residential side streets will be plowed.

Plow all streets, treat major streets, and side intersections as described in Ord. 26-93.

Above 6 inches

Will declare a Snow Emergency.

Refer to Ord. 26-95 for parking restrictions and notification protocol.

“The city of Alliance Streets Department is devoted to keeping our streets as safe as possible,” said Street Superintendent Terry Jensen. “Residents can help us do our job better by making sure to shovel the snow and ice from the sidewalk on to the yard and not the street and move parked vehicles out of the street. Please keep in mind that we have 171 lane miles of streets to plow and depending on snow depth, it may take 18 hours to plow our entire community.”

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