Erica Chipperfield

Erica Chipperfield is the newest member of the Alliance Times-Herald staff, joining the crew this week as an advertising representative. 

With strong roots in Alliance and Hemingford, Chipperfield explored her connection with the community. 

“I was born and raised here, and I spent the whole 34 years of my life here,” said Chipperfield. “My family is all from around here. My great-grandparents actually met in seventh grade at the country school I went to, which was East Point District 25, which was about six miles east of town. I had a lot of family history there.” 

Chipperfield said when she was not in school, she would help her grandmother in downtown Alliance at the Fabric House. 

“I’d spend time with my grandma there, and I’d spend summers there. After the Fabric House closed, she went to work at another clothing store, so I got to help with sidewalk sales and have a good time. I basically grew up downtown,” said Chipperfield. 

Chipperfield’s parents live in Alliance and her grandparents and other family members live in the Hemingford area currently. 

Starting on Monday, Chipperfield hit the ground running, reconnecting with local business owners. She said she is excited to be back at the Times-Herald. 

“I worked here from April of 2012 to November 2014, and I was due to have another baby soon in 2015, so that kind of came to an end there. I’m happy to be back! I know a lot of people from when I worked here before, and I’ve been pretty happy to talk with them again,” Chipperfield said. 

“Most of them, when I call I tell them who I am, and they say, ‘Wow! Erica, you’re back! This is great!’ It is really great to be back here,” Chipperfield said. 

She explained that her favorite thing about working with the Alliance Times-Herald is being able to get out into the community and forge new connections with people, and to reconnect with long-time friends. 

Chipperfield is working on a number of exciting projects that will help the paper continue to serve the citizens of Box Butte County.

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