Briscoe Begins Internship at The Animal Center

Briscoe Begins Internship at The Animal Center



Alliance Times-Herald


Katelyn Briscoe, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, recently joined the practice at The Animal Center in Alliance, as an intern, following her May graduation from veterinary school at the University of Louisiana in Baton Rouge. “When you graduate you have the option to go to an internship, a residency or go straight into practice, an internship is just extra training. Most people do an internship in order to get a residency that is specialized. I chose to do an internship to get extra practice especially on the large animal side,” stated Briscoe.

“I started out school doing just small animal and then I took my large animal rotation in November right before I graduated and absolutely loved it. I didn’t have a ton of experience so I started looking into internships and there was only two mixed animal internships through this computer database system that we use to match students with internship programs. One was here and one was in Texas, and I got this one,” stated Briscoe.

“I had horses when I was younger but I never had family that had cows or did large animal stuff. I did a little bit of mixed animal in a practice that I worked in. They would call me in if they had something cool, for example if were doing an ultrasound on a cow. But I wasn’t in there everyday doing large animal stuff. Now that I have gotten into a routine it really is enjoyable and I could see myself making a career of it and the people here are really great too.”

Her inspiration to become a veterinarian came from growing up helping in her Aunt’s veterinary practice. “At around age ten I was allowed to stay the whole day at the office. I remember my first day; I would help out doing silly things like cleaning kennels or stocking syringes. As I got older I would help hold to do vaccinations or do a physical. She’s an amazing role model and I was pretty blessed.”

She will complete her internship at The Animal Center next June, and decide where to go from there.

The Animal Center is also hosting another intern along side Dr. Briscoe.