2019 Box Butte County Fair

The 2019 Box Butte County Fair is set to be a hit with the theme recently being announced, as well as the new headliner being set to take the stage at the fair.

Box Butte County Fair Manager Donna Dexter said Casey Donahew is set to perform at this year’s county fair, noting a large number of active followers.

“We are very excited about having him come to our fair as he has a pretty big fan base that follows him,” said Dexter. Donahew has been a favorite in the Texas music scene and is a popular touring act, racking up a total of

18 number one hit singles in the Texas music charts. Donahew’s album, “All Night Party” took the number three spot on the Billboard Top Country Album Chart, number 13 on the Top Album Sales

Chart and Top Current Album Sales Chart, and landed at number 40 on the Billboard 200 Chart. Donahew owns a gaming ranch in Throckmorton County, Texas and is currently working on a new album set to release this spring.

The theme of the 2019 Box Butte County Fair is “Sew it, Grow it, Show it! It’sOur Future.” Dexter explained that there will be many new features at the 2019 fair. “We are trying to get a few things new and rearrange some of the other entertainment so it will be easier for everyone to attend. We added the Stock Dog trials last year which turned out to be popular for our first year. The first year is always a trial and error and we have a few kinks to work out. But there is talk in the dog world that will be having another and there is some excitement. A couple of the dogs that ran here also ran at the championship finals and placed in the top five,” said Dexter.

“We are looking at adding a couple new events this year,” Dexter said. “Our fair board is made up of volunteers they do not get a dime for all there hours of hard work. They spend lots and lots of hours behind the scenes getting everything ready and set up. They deserve a huge "thank you" for all there time the spend working on the fair. It is an all year project and they all are gracious enough to give up there time to try and make something special for everyone in the community to enjoy. It takes so much to add things as there is only so much our fair board can do. They work so hard doing everything that it is very hard to ask them to do more. I encourage any and all volunteers to help out. It is very rewarding and can be a lot of fun and you get to meet new people. If there is somethings that the community would like see or individuals would like to see please let us know. A lot of times we really want to do things but there just is not enough funding or people to help put it on.”

A few classic favorites are set to return to the fair as well, Dexter noted. She believes a mixture of the returning features and new events will make the 2019 fair a major success. “Rock It will be doing our midway again this year but is bringing several new things plus some of the good old standbys. We have spoken for the Zipline which should be a lot of fun. We also have the most amazing "Balloon Girl" coming and she makes the most amazing things from balloons. I have never seen anyone like her. She is young and full of energy. What is really unique about her is that she also will be going to the Senior center to entertain them with her balloon creations,” said Dexter.

This year’s fair will also feature an open poultry show, organized by Nancy Leider. They will also be hosting an open horse show again this year.

Dexter noted that funding affects a lot of the board’s ability when planning events for the Box Butte County Fair. She thanked the community for their time and dedication to helping make the fair a success.

“A lot of what we do is limited by funding. Every year we send out sponsor letters. They actually will be going out very soon. We ask that every one willing to help out to turn it back in as soon as possible so we can get going on our planning. Our community has been very generous in helping out. We know that they get hit all the time and there just isn't the extra funds setting around. With that being said we would appreciate any help. If a business or person would like to sponsor or donate to the fairthey can pick a certain event to sponsor or just donate to the general fund which will be used where it isneeded,” said Dexter.