Blasting Caps Found in Box Butte County

ALLIANCE—On Thursday afternoon, the Nebraska State Patrol declared that they disposed of 17 blasting caps found in a rural Box Butte County home; however, Box Butte County Sheriff Tammy Mowry clarified the story.

“It was not a big deal,” Mowry said. “This particular person was having an auction. They’re cleaning out things. This box of blasting caps that belonged to her father many, many years ago was found in there. She contacted authorities, which was us.

“The deputy told her to bring in the box into the station. She brought it here. I took the box, removed the 16 cartridges that were in there and put them in another box, sent her home with another box, because she wanted that because it was old and belonged to her dad,” Mowry said.

The Nebraska State Patrol, Mowry explained was contacted to deactivate the blasting caps.

“It’s not like they were going to blow up in anybody’s face,” said Mowry. “It’s not a big issue at all. I’m sure if they would have gotten into the hands of somebody that was wanting to do evil with it, yeah, fine; but just removing them from the shed and bringing them to us and us getting rid of them, because we didn’t want them around here, that’s what was done.”

According to the press release from the Nebraska State Patrol, the NSP and the Scottsbluff Police Bomb Squads collaborated to dispose of the blasting caps. NSP Lt. Jim DeFreece, Commander of the NSP Bomb Squad, urged people to act responsible and to contact law enforcement if anyone finds an explosive device, or a device they believe may be explosive.

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