APD Apprehends Four in AHS Burglary, Mischief Case

Three Adults, One Teen Accused of Causing $10,000 of Damage


News Director

After responding to an alarm at Alliance High School in the early hours of April 17, officers with the Alliance Police Department set to work on an investigation to apprehend the people responsible for causing an estimated $10,000 of damage at the high school.

The investigation wrapped up within one week, and resulted in the arrest of three adults, Jacob Adamson, 19, Zachary Rinard, 20, and Isaac Johnson, 19, as well as one juvenile. All of the suspects who were apprehended are Alliance residents. The juvenile was released to his parents.

APD Lieutenant Kendall Allison said the arrests were made through April 22. They are facing charges of burglary and criminal mischief. Allison said they broke into Alliance High School and committed a number of acts to damage school property.

“They spray painted stuff and discharged fire extinguishers,” Allison said. “They damaged lockers and surfaces all over the school.”

The day following the break in, Alliance was set to host the District Music Contest. School officials were able to clean the property before the contest commenced.

Johnson faces additional drug and weapons charges, Allison said, after a search warrant was executed at his property.

“The officers served a search warrant in conjunction with the investigation on Isaac Johnson,” Allison said. “They found drugs and firearms at his home. He had marijuana.”

Allison advises people to stay vigilant and to report any crimes to law enforcement promptly. He encourages people to contact law enforcement with any information they may have concerning crimes or suspicious activities.