APS Passes Baton in Track Issues Relay

The Alliance School Board took up the issue of the track sewer line, which has been a topic of discussion since the Alliance City Council said they wanted to revisit the issue after the new council members were sworn in. The school board agreed to sign a resolution with the city of Alliance to resolve the issue of the sewer line. 

Alliance Superintendent Dr. Troy Unzicker described the resolution during the board meeting on Monday evening. 

“Basically, we’re looking to resolve three issues,” Unzicker said. “One was the easement for the north part of our track. The second was the right of way down the center of our football field, basically the old Niobrara plat. The third was the city’s request to reroute that sewer line and fill it.” 

Unzicker explained to the board members that he has had several meetings with the city administrators about the issue. 

“This resolution would give us the right of way that we needed to complete the track project. The track was planned to move to the east a couple of feet, but we had to move away from that because we didn’t want to deal with the federal regulations on resloping the ditch for runoff. So, we went to the north instead, which encroached on the right of away a little bit,” said Unzicker. 

The resolution will also let the city drop the right of way on the old Niobrara plat, letting the school district own the property after 70 to 80 years of use, according to Unzicker. 

To execute the resolution, the school district would contribute a maximum of $20,000, which would include giving the city access to reroute the sewer line. 

“It would come out of the alley behind the stadium, it would come across our practice field and run up the practice field down Box Butte to that manhole cover,” Unzicker said. “So, our high school, coming across, would flow north instead of to the south. They would backfill what runs underneath the track, so there would be no chance of a collapse or a cave in down the road.” 

The board members, with the exception of Shana Brown, who abstained, voted in favor of approving the resolution. Brown advised Unzicker to provide guidance to the city on the time period of construction to avoid conflicts with activities and athletic events. 

The resolution is subject to the approval of the Alliance City Council, which, as of press time, had not had its meeting yet. 

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