5-19-18 AHS Band Awards Photo

The AHS Jazz Band Concert and Awards Gala took place at the Eagle’s Club on Tuesday. Director Jerrold Heide recognized Rachel Baker and Jewelia Taylor for their All-State Band Membership, with over 40 other awards to hand out throughout the event.

ALLIANCE — Director Jerrold Heide has taught music for the past 11 years, four of which has been at Alliance High School with the 2017-18 school year being his fourth. The incoming freshman class in the 2014-2015 school year would be Heide’s first students he’d teach throughout their time at AHS. While this fact was ever present to those involved, it still came as a surprise to Heide when his students had a gift for him.

The AHS Jazz Band Concert and Awards Gala took place at the Eagle’s Club on Tuesday with the Jazz Band performance from 5:30 to 7 p.m. and the awards ceremony following. The night saw 43 different awards handed out with six different solo performances.

Some awards were chosen by peers, through nomination then voting by a leadership group, while other awards were chosen by the director. The awards are as follows:

Marching Band:

MVP Freshmen – Gavyn Bossell and Courtney Cox, MVP Sophomores – Deon Medina and Izzy Middleton, MVP Juniors – Zach Young and Hannah Middleton, MVP Seniors – Andrew Stich and Sophia Collett, Best Marcher Award – Cade Stephenson and Rachel Baker, and Best Player Award – Preston Pohlman and Rachel Baker.

1st Yr. Letter – Adrien Fortner, Courtney Cox, Gavyn Bossell, Jack Moomey, Shawna Banks and Trinity Jewett; 2nd Yr. Letter – Aubrey Garrett, Izzy Middleton, Jewelia Taylor, Brittney Morgan, Jensen Curtiss, Taylor Williams and Thalia Gonzalez; 3rd Yr. Letter – Aubrie Lawrence, Sydnie Waldron, Cade Stephenson, Rachel Baker, Hannah Middleton and Zach Young; and 4th Yr. Letter – Bailey Alwin, Matti Tunheim, Preston Pohlman.

Honorable Mention for Outstanding Performance at District Music Contest – Aubrie Lawrence, Sydnie Waldron and Izzy Middleton; Outstanding Performance at District Music Contest – Rachel Baker, Jewelia Taylor and Preston Pohlman; Distinguished Service Award – Matti Tunheim; All-State Band Membership – Jewelia Taylor and Rachel Baker; Woody Herman Award (runner-up jazz) – Aubrey Garrett; Louis Armstrong Award (top jazz) – Izzy Middleton; Patrick Gilmore Award (runner-up concert) –Jewelia Taylor; and John Philip Sousa Award (top concert) – Preston Pohlman.

After the last of the awards was announced and handed out, one senior took the microphone before Heide had a chance to conclude the evening. She called up her other senior peers to the front to give a gift to Heide — a special platform for conductors known as a rostrum.

Heide gave his students a special message after receiving it, that he was grateful to have kids as dedicated as they were and that he can safely say he is the most confident person watching them “knowing you can be successful.”

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