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Pictured are, front row, l-r: Jewelia Taylor and Shaylee Messersmith. Middle row: Kayla Campos, Saphina Achi, Kelsey Horton, Josie Petering, Chris Torres and Madison Maxey. Back row: Emma Freeze, Laura Schroer, Shawna Banks, Erin Priestley.

The Alliance High School Academic Decathlon competed in the Regional Competition, hosted in Alliance on Jan. 13, and in Hyannis on Jan. 18, where they saw success, finishing third among medium-sized schools. The following are the results from the competition.

Regular Team:

Honors Division

Shaylee Messersmith took second place in art and second place in literature.

Scholastic Division

Kayla Campos took first place in music, second place in mathematics, and third place in literature and economics.

Varsity Division

Madison Maxey took first place in economics, third place in science and tied for third in music.

Josie Petering took first place in literature, first place in science and tied for third place in music.

Alternate Team:

Honors Division

Shawna Banks took first place in science and second place in economics.

Kelsey Horton took first place in economics.

Scholastic Division

Emma Freeze took first place in mathematics, second place in literature and music and third place in economics and science.

The Super Quiz Team claimed first place at the Hyannis regional competition. The team was comprised of Shaylee Messersmith, Kayla Campos, Madison Maxey, Jewelia Taylor, Christopher Torres and Josie Petering.

The top scorer for the team was Shaylee Messersmith.

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