A Mid-Summer Night's Dream, Adult Prom Raises $10,000

A Mid-Summer Night's Dream, Adult Prom Raises $10,000


Alliance Times-Herald

The first annual Alliance Recreation Center Adult Prom Fundraiser, themed Shakespeare’s “A Mid-Summer Night’s Dream,” was hosted Friday evening at the Alliance Eagles Club. The event was attended by a vast majority of 21 and over community members. Overall donations totaled $10,000, this included the sale of 214 tickets, the Wall of Giving and voting for the prom royalty at $1 per vote.

Students from the ARC After-school program each decorated an envelope to create the Wall of Giving to help raise donations.

The opportunity to attend prom with your significant other and friends as adults where alcohol was served, brought a new twist to prom. The signature drink for this years event was “Spiked” punch and snacks were also provided. Those in attendance were able to cut loose and have a good time without a tap on the shoulder from the principal or a teacher.A reversed version of the prom tradition was that it was chaperoned by teenagers, who took the votes for prom royalty and kept an eye on everyone.

DJ service for the dance was provided by DJ Ricky Rick and his emcee. They played a mix of the latest hits, 80’s & 90’s music, rap, techno and R&B. A few crowd favorites included, “The Cha Cha Slide,” “Cupid Shuffle,” “Cotton Eyed Joe” and many others. Professional photography for the evening was provided by Melissa Kimmel Photography.

Toni and Nick McCoy, were crowned the 2019 ARC Prom King and Queen. First attendants were Ali and Nick Hamel, and second attendants were Edgar Garcia and Tara Shultz.

ARC Executive Director, Mara Andersen commented on the event, “The Adult Prom was a major hit! We had a couple who chose to celebrate their 17th wedding anniversary with us! Another guest told us that her high school prom was a nightmare, so she was treating ours as a do-over and had an absolute ball! Not only did the event raise money for the ARC, it was a community-wide affair. People who attended the prom treated it as a true night on the town, patronizing local salons, restaurants, florists,719 Brewery and shops like Poshe and the Mission Store! Anytime we can band together to pull off an event, it's a success, but this one in particular knocked it out of the park! Our ARC board of directors are true cheerleaders for the organization and its mission in our community, and fun events like this perfectly showcase their commitment. Our team works well together and are already planning next year's adult prom.”