Interim Electric Superintendent Kirby Bridge reported Wednesday morning that City crews are installing new electric meters, Wednesday through Monday, Jan. 9-14, in area 18 (see map), from East Third Street north to 14th Street and from Flack Ave. east to the edge of town.

Utility customers should expect their bill on schedule since installation is following closely behind meter readers to avoid any lag in variation. Transmission of data from the home or business begins immediately. In addition to prior announcements and media coverage, crews knock on doors to inform residents as they move through neighborhoods. When nobody is home, installation proceeds. The total process takes about two minutes including 30 to 60 seconds on average to remove the old meter and plug in the new one, Bridge said. There is a brief electrical outage that has about the same effect as flipping a breaker or blip long enough to flicker lights and interrupt computers.

The installation process moves from section to section as crews finish each area. For information contact Bridge at 762-1907.

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