At their meeting last Tuesday, the Alliance City Council voted to acknowledge receipt of a tort claim filed by High and Younes LLC on behalf of Roger Brown.

According to the letter from Frank Younes of High and Younes LLC included in the city council packet, was exposed to legionella and giardia in water that was treated and supplied by the city of Alliance during a stay at the 1st Interstate Inn. Brown was staying at the 1st Interstate Inn October through late November 2018.

The letter states that, “In November 2018, while at the 1st Interstate Inn Mr. Brown collapsed and was transported by emergency vehicles for medical treatment. It was discovered that he had been exposed to Legionella Bacteria and Giardia and had contracted Legionnaire’s Disease and Giardiasis.”

Brown received treatment at Box Butte General Hospital, and was transferred to Regional West Medical Center in Scottsbluff. He was transferred again and received treatment in Colorado.

“In the course of Mr. Brown’s three-month hospitalization and medical treatment, he flat lined on more than one occasion and his family was informed that they did not expect him to survive. Mr. Brown’s extensive medical treatment included among other things a tracheotomy which has created a permanent hole in his neck, he also had a feeding tube implanted in a hole in his abdomen and was drained through a hole in his back. In addition, at various times he was transported by ambulance, helicopter, and emergency medical airplane,” the letter states.

The letter continues by stating that Brown’s life expectancy has been “severely reduced” and requires constant oxygen for his breathing. Brown is permanently disabled. The letter claims that Brown has incurred over $500,000 in medical expenses, though bills and records are still being gathered.

Younes submitted a demand for the maximum amount allowed by the Political Subdivision Tort Claim Act: $1,000,000.00.

The letter also demands that the city preserve all evidence related to Brown, water treatment and the water supply in the months leading up to and after Brown’s exposure.

The Alliance City Council voted in favor of acknowledging receipt of the claim, but took no action on the claim itself.

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