On Tuesday at 1:30 p.m., the Alliance Police Department shot a dangerous that attacked an officer after it was found running at large.

According to a press release by APD Lieutenant Jake Henion, animal control responded to the area of 1271 Hammond Lane based on the report of an aggressive dog running loose in the area. Officers with the APD also responded to the area “due to having prior issues with an aggressive dog at large at this location.”

The owner of the dog, Michael Moss, 48, of Alliance, was issued a citation for having a dog at large. Officers planned to capture the dog, which was a 60-pound Collie mix, but the “growling and barking dog approached an officer who was standing in a public area outside the apartment building.”

“To prevent being attacked by the dog, the officer deployed their Taser, which was only partially effective in preventing an attack,” the press release states.

After being Tased, the dog jumped into an APD vehicle, which had an additional officer in it. The dog attacked the officer after getting into the vehicle. The dog bit the officer’s foot and leg several times before being shot one time by police.

“It was a vicious, vicious dog,” Henion said. “The dog jumped into the vehicle by itself. That was not the intent to have the dog inside a vehicle right away.”

The officer who was attacked was transported to Box Butte General Hospital by the Alliance Fire Department to be treated for injuries. The officer was then released.

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